Blog 8

On May 25th

In Lisbon, Portugal, The final match of the Europa Champions League was played. It was the mighty Real Madrid vs the under dogs of the season, Atletico Madrid. It was the Madrid Derby except this time, One of the them was going to be Champions of the Champions League.

The game started off with ease, but it started to escalate around the 20th minute when Atletico’s defense started to get stronger. The game changed around with a corner kick on the 36th minute. Casillas, Real Madrid’s goal keeper made a fatal mistake, by coming out of the goal too much, and leaving space for Atletico’s Defender, Godin to score what could have been the only goal that game. Godin scored a header and changed the score to 1-0 to the Underdogs.

The seconds half began, and Real Madrid increased their attack. Real Madrid was missing most of their chances, and it seemed as if they were unable to score. the ball was going back and forth between the two sides for most of the half, until the 85th minute. Real Madrid seemed to have lost it, and Atletico’s defense waned, Real Madrid were striking at full force, not giving Atletico a glimpse of the ball. It was the 92nd minute, the game had an additional 5 minutes since it was the final. Real Madrid gets a corner. It is crossed, and out of no where Serigo Ramos, Real Madrid’s vice captain lofted into the air and pierced  the ball into the goal through an astonishing header. At that moment, Atletico’s goalkeeper, Courtois realized he had made a lamentable decision. Real Madrid’s fans went crazy, Real Madrid had finally restored their wrath. The game went onto overtime, so there was another additional 30 minutes to play, because the game was tied up.

The first half of overtime had started, and Real Madrid were putting in everything they got. At the 110th minute, Gareth Bale, who was considered the flop of the game came in to score a rebound of Di Maria’s shot making it 2-1 to Real Madrid. The Atletico fans thought this was all feigned, that it was impossible to have such a comeback, but Real Madrid fans were partying. It did not stop there, Real Madrid’s defender, Marcelo went through Atletico’s whole defense to shot and extraordinary shot from outside the box on the 118th minute, putting the Real giants to a 3-1 lead. Atletico had given up, sadly it was not over yet, there was a penalty in the last minute of the game, where Real Madrid’s star Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up to take it. He shot it straight into the left corner, leaving the final score at 4-1 also, Cristiano Ronaldo has the new record for most goals in a Champions League season (17)

It was a splendid game, by far the best Champions League match I’ve ever watched, and I’m proud that the team I support were able to win “La Decima” meaning the 10th Europa Champions League title since they’ve been created, they are now the only team in the world to have won the Champions League in a 2 digit form (10) I’m glad to have not missed such a beautiful game, and it is the constant reminder for how much love I have for this sport. Adieu for now!

Shakespeare Vocab words

  1. Adieu: Goodbye
  2. Feign: To make believe; pretend; imaginary
  3. Wrath: Strong, stern and fierce
  4. Lamentable: Regrettable; unfortunate
  5. Lofty: High up
  6. Wanes: To decrease in strength, or intensity

ramos la decima  Ramos’s header to tie up the game.

Real Madrid La Decima Real Madrid celebrating their 10th Champions League title “La Decima”

Blog 7

Love – Khaled Rachidi

Love is a star, which lightens our nights sky.

It may hide us, as well as guide us, giving us hope within our dreams.

Love is a solar fire which runs deep through our souls.

It twists and frisks us, beyond our deepest sense of despair.

Love is like a flower, it flows slowly within its sense of beauty.

As it confuses us, it reminds us, of how the first stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky.

Love is a surprise beneath our deepest thoughts, if we hide from it, we pay the price.



Rhyme, Repetition, Personification






AC Milan vs AC Roma

On April 25th, 2014

AC Milan played against AC Roma, in Roma’s home, “Stadio Omlipico” stadium, which actually means Olympic Stadium. It was a crazy game! I honestly do not watch the Italian league (Italian Calcio Serie A league) that much, but surprisingly, it was a game worth watching.

The game started off calm, with not that much action going on, both teams were passing the ball around, and there were not to many strikes at the goal, until the last minute before the half ended. on the 43rd  minute, Miralem Pjanic scored an incredible goal by going through the whole of AC Milan’s defense and beating the keeper one on one, making the score 1-0 for AC Roma, though hysterically, he was given a yellow card right after it for having a “dirty” celebration by taking his shirt off. It was funny because I never understood that rule, until learning morals. It shows disrespect to the other team, and football is all about sportsmanship. You have the right to celebrate, but don’t go on trying to take your shirt off, or disrespect another player, because sometimes the consequences could be worse.

The second half came along, and Ac Milan put their defense up by a lot, decreasing the scoring chances for AC Roma. Sadly, it all ended when someone made a little mistake. The goal keeper saved the shot but didn’t catch it, leaving it for AC Roma’s  new striker, Gervinho to tap it right in on the 65th minute, making it 2-0 to Roma! The game stayed at ease from there on, but Ac Roma were on a roll. They’re second in the league, and I’m sure they most likely can take it home this year. Anyhow, The game ended 2-0 for AC Roma, giving them another three points closer to the title.

The biggest challenge for AC Roma right now is to somehow get to the first place spot, which they are currently behind by five points . The current first team, who has somehow been up there all season, Juventus F.C. are destroying every team they place against. I’m excited for the match coming up soon where AC Roma will play against the unstoppable Juventus F.C. to see if they can catch up to the all mighty Vecchia Signora Juventus F.C.

Pjanic yellow Miralem Pjanic getting the first  yellow card of the game by taking his shirt off after scoring his goal.

Liverpool vs Manchester City

On April 13th, 2014

Liverpool played a huge battling game against Manchester City, Also at the time was the 2 teams running for the number one spot in the Premier League, and this game at Anfield’s stadium (Liverpool’s home stadium) would determine it. The game was excellent, it was a goal after goal battle!

Just the 6th minute of the game, Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling scored a stunning goal to take Liverpool to the lead. Close to the 25th minute of the game, Martin Skrtel scored a stunning goal out the box to increase Liverpool’s lead to two zero. The half ended with Liverpool dominating Manchester City, but it was all going to change. Liverpool fans Inferred that the game was over, and Liverpool had one, and the Manchester City fans were unfathomable about what was going on with Manchester city.

The second half came, and the Rivalry between these teams was the motivation for Manchester City’s comeback. David Silva stepped up to the plate on the 57th minute to score the first goal for Manchester, but it did not stop there. On the 62nd minute of the game, just five minutes later, Glen Johnson Liverpool’s defender scored an own goal. The score was all tied up now, Manchester made their comeback, and there was still time to go. The foreshadowing was obvious though, and Liverpool were not going to back out now either. Towards the end of this extraordinary game, on the 80th minute, Liverpool’s Philippe Countinho scored a bleak goal to end Manchester City’s phenomenal comeback. making the score 3-2 to Liverpool. During the last minute of the game, Manchester city had their final attack where they were about to score, however, Jordan Henderson Liverpool’s defender slide tackled the Attacker from behind, causing him to get a red card, but stopping what could have been the equalizer to the game.

The game ended with the win to Liverpool, bu Manchester had a fighting chance, and played better by far. The statistics were 53% possession of the ball to Manchester City, and 47% to Liverpool. They could not keep, or defend the ball as much as Manchester City did. In the end of the day, Liverpool was victorious, and they’re most likely going to win the Premier League this season.

glen-johnson-own-goal-liverpool-manchester-city Johnson’s own goal in the game.

Transitional words

  1. but
  2. and
  3. also
  4. however

Vocab words

  1. Unfathomable
  2. Bleak
  3. Rivalry
  4. Infer
  5. Foreshadow

Chelsea vs Arsenal

On March 22, 2014

Chelsea played against Arsenal in Stamford Bridge home, only to have one of the best London derbies of all time! they annihilated Arsenal with a 6-0 victory, Above that, it was Arsene Wenger The Arsenal Head Coach/Manager’s 1000th game coaching them. It was ruined by Chelsea’s extraordinary win. Also, Chelsea are now 1st place for the title run in the Premier League.

The match blew into a fast start Chelsea were ahead by 2 goals in only 7 minutes. Samuel Eto’o scored in the first 4 minutes of the game, and Andre Schurrle scored right before the 7th minute. There was a massive shock in the game the Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs received a red card by the referee. The referee  mistook Keiran Gibbs by mistake for Ox-Chamberlin’s fault of giving a hand ball in the penalty box, and the referee gave a red card to Gibbs instead, this major mistake by the referee will definitely be brought to to the higher superior of FIFA, his consequences will be decided by them. There was a penalty given, and Eden Hazard scored to make it 3 to nothing for Chelsea. A bit after the little Brazilian Oscar scored the 4th for Chelsea.

Then came the second half. Arsenal’s defense got a bit stronger, however,  it was not strong enough. Oscar scored again on the 65th minute to make it 5-0 for Chelsea. Five minutes later, Mohamed Salah the new Egyptian Chelsea player came on and scored the sixth goal for Chelsea approving  its rain of terror upon Arsenal. This day will comeback to haunt Arsene Wenger, after being destroyed by the Blues. Arsenal played the defense tactic from there on, and was able to keep possession from there.  Finally, at the end of the game, Arsenal had 47% possession, on the other hand, Chelsea was ahead with 53% possession the whole time, that proves they were the better team because, it shows that they played better, and that they could keep the ball under control for most of the time and not turn it over. I’m excited to see the next match between these two teams, I guarantee that Arsenal are plotting their revenge, and victory won’t be so easy for Chelsea next time.

Transition Word:

On the other hand

gibbs red card

Keiran Gibbs gets a red card for not doing anything.

salah first goal


Mohamed Salah’s First goal for Chelsea



Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Copa Del Ray

On February 11th, 2014

Real Madrid had a extraordinary game against Atletico Madrid away in the Vicente Calderon Stadium. It was the Madrid Derby which Real won again with a 2-0 score to make the aggregation score 5-0 to take Madrid to the final of the Copa Del Ray competition only to face their biggest nemesis, Barcelona.

During this incredible, and hard match,  Real Madrid destroyed Atletico. Seven minutes into the game, Cristiano Ronaldo was given a penalty kick, and scored to make it 1-0 to the Madrid giants. It only took nine minutes after that for Real Madrid to get another penalty because of a foul in the box. Ronaldo stepped up again, and scored to make it 2-0 to Real Madrid.  There was a shock at the half time! As the players were exiting the field to go into the locker rooms, Cristiano Ronaldo was actually hit by a lighter straight into the head from a person in audience. There’s was terrible, and bad sportsmanship from the Atletico Madrid supporters. Ronaldo came back on to continue in the second half, it didn’t affect him. Atletico did not back off in the second half. They fought with everything they had to try and catch up and kept pushing to try and score. The game was tight, and close, but Madrid had kept them off to hold on to the lead. By the end of the game, Real Madrid had 65% possession of the ball, while on the other hand, Atletico only had 35% possession. It was an astonishing semi-final, hopefully the next Madrid derby will have a different score. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are still close points wise for the title race of “La Liga” the Spanish league of football. There is only two and a half months until the end of the race, and one more game to determine if Atletico can have their sweet revenge on Real Madrid.


ronaldo penalty

Ronaldo’s first penalty goal against Atletico Madrid


ronaldo lighter

Ronaldo getting the lighter thrown at his head from Atletico Madrid supporter.



The big game of Arsenal and Bayern Munich

On the 19th of February, Arsenal played against Bayern Munich in The Emirates Stadium, It was the Champion’s League Rivalry for the group knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League. The match ended at 2-0 to Bayern Munich, which was exactly what I inferred was going to happen.

It was definitely a great game, that Bayern dominated in. Mesut Ozil a great star to the football team of Arsenal missed a penalty during the first half, it was probably one of their only chances to take the lead against the Germans.  It seemed strange for Ozil, since this is his second time missing a penalty this Champion’s League season, It isn’t looking good for him, and their wise, and sage manger, Arsene Wenger was savvy about Ozil’s current performances, since he understood that Ozil is still new to the club and needs time  to get use to the team, but, he should learn from his mistake, and give the penalty taking spot to another good penalty taker. Ozil hasn’t been doing that well in his last few games; he needs to get back into his form.

During the second half, It all changed for Arsenal. It took Bayern Munich 8 minutes into the half to score a bleak goal against Arsenal’s low defense, with a marvelous long shot from Toni Kroos. Their second goal was an incredible diving header from Thomas Muller, the cross was given by Philip Lahm who crossed it straight into the box and that’s when Muller took over and scored.  Arsenal played poorly in the half with only 12% possession of the ball, they only had made 38 passes during that half. The fans were expecting a much Defiance, and strong performance from them. The Germans had a great victory away from home. The Arsenal fans were Rueful to Bayern Munich, they were seeking revenge in their next match coming up on March 12th.

It was a great game to watch!

ozil miss This was the penalty that Ozil missed during the first half of the game.

 Vocab Words

  1. Rivalry
  2. Infer
  3. Sage
  4. Savvy
  5. Bleak
  6. Defiance
  7. Rueful